ANNOUNCING THE BIRTH of a brand new concept in women’s fashion: Designs that transcend the norm and flatter a flatter physique

FLAT OUT TALI was conceived in February of 2016. It came to life following my sudden experience with breast cancer, bilateral mastectomy, and my choice to “go flat.”

Soon after, I encountered a problem which I hadn’t anticipated - how difficult it would be to find feminine, stylish women’s tops to wear after the surgery. It was summer in New Zealand, and after a frustrating and upsetting trek through almost all the shops at several malls, I ended up buying some Men’s T-shirts, which, no surprise, were better suited to my new shape.

In a culture that so often associates femininity with sizable breasts, I could see a need for some happy alternatives. So . . . FLAT OUT TALI has been created to transcend that norm and offer a contemporary and chic collection of stylish tops, dresses, and accessories for women with flatter physiques.

As important as it is for women to look good, I especially want FLAT OUT TALI to empower women to feel good about themselves — and truly love and appreciate all the wonderful qualities they possess — whatever their physique. For many years, I worked with women as a counsellor and group facilitator; today, FLAT OUT TALI enables me to proactively combine my creativity and fashion sense with my core values and beliefs and share them with others in a way that will benefit us all.

FLAT OUT TALI’s designs for flatter women offer superior quality, classically fashionable, New Zealand-made, smart-casual garments using luscious fabrics, intriguing patterns, and higher necklines. Our accessory range includes long, versatile scarves and unique jewellery along with our fashion tips for flattering a flatter physique — and much more.
FLAT OUT TALI’s collection can be viewed and purchased online at www.flatouttali.com

As for our name, FLAT OUT TALI? My nickname is Tali, and according to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, the adjective ‘Flat-out’ means absolute and complete. This represents exactly what we strive to create for our customers through our garments, accessories, our messages, and the values we hold.

In creating our logo symbol, I was inspired by a lovely pendant that showed a self-hug with arms that cross over to the sides. People shared with me that they see a happy figure, and a person who is welcoming and at peace with themselves.

FLAT OUT TALI is located in Auckland, New Zealand.
We are proud to say that our clothes, accessories, and other related aspects of the business (e.g. printing, labels, etc.), are all designed, manufactured, and made in New Zealand.


Please print our brand name: FLAT OUT TALI Ltd
Logo: Click here to download

A percentage of FLAT OUT TALI Ltd proceeds goes to:
BREASTCANCER.ORG www.breastcancer.org a non-profit organisation that provides comprehensive and latest information about breast cancer for patients and families

FLAT OUT TALI participates in DHL Express’ Go Green programme, the environmentally responsible shipping option.


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Tal Eyal
Founder/Managing Director FLAT OUT TALI Ltd

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