'We are feminine and sexy' - FLAT OUT TALI in the Media

'We are feminine and sexy' - breast cancer survivor creates 'empowering' flat-chest clothing line.

Source: 1news now

A breast cancer survivor and double-mastectomy patient is on a mission to make flat-chested women feel "feminine and sexy".

After feeling "very upset" having to buy mens t-shirts post-operation last summer, 52-year-old Tal Eyal has created her own clothing line for fellow small-breasted women.

Her label, Flat Out Tali, that launched online today, features bold necklaces and high neck tops in vibrant patterns and colours, which she says "distracts the eye" from the chest area.

Mrs Eyal was diagnosed with breast cancer in May last year and underwent a double mastectomy, choosing to not have her breasts reconstructed.

"I will be the same, even without breasts," she told herself.

Prior to her operation, she hosted a farewell party for her feminine assets, turning her bras into artwork with her friends and two daughters.

"It was important emotionally for me," Mrs Eyal told 1 News Now.

"I was trying to keep myself positive all the time."

However, she says she felt like "the only woman on earth who decided to stay flat [chested]".

As a former councillor for victims of sexual abuse, Mrs Eyal says she wants to empower women to feel good about themselves and embrace their beauty.

She hopes her journey to create a clothing line will "be an example to many other women".

"We are not damaged goods." She told 1 News Now.

"We are feminine and sexy."

By 1 News Now Reporter Madison Reidy